General Information
The MPhil/PhD programmes provide students with rigorous interdisciplinary training and guidance to conduct research on a specific topic of their interest.  Both programmes require the satisfactory completion of coursework and a thesis. 
The MPhil programme prepares students for the pursuit of a PhD or a professional career in social service, management or related fields.  The PhD programme equips students with advanced academic and research training that prepares them for an academic or research career. 
Programme Highlights:
  • Chinese Societies with a comparative perspective
  • Rigorous academic training with an interdisciplinary approach nature covering Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural and Heritage Studies, and Criminology
  • Multiple research methods to conduct research with community impact and policy implications
  • Close supervisor-student relationship, interactive teaching environment 
The MPhil applicant should:
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in Sociology or Anthropology or a relevant field  
The PhD applicant should:
  • Possess a master’s degree in Sociology or Anthropology or a relevant field 
Teachers List and Research Fields
Prof. CHEUNG Yuet Wah
  • Medical sociology
  • Crime and deviance
  • Social problems
  • Drug abuse and drug policy
Prof. CHAN Ching Selina 
  • Family, kinship and lineage
  • Colonialism and identities
  • Religion and tourism
  • Cultural heritage and collective memories 
Prof. CHEUNG Siu Keung 
  • Hong Kong Studies
  • Ethnographic research
  • Community studies
  • Minority politics
Dr. HUI Yew-Foong 
  • Chinese diaspora and migration
  • Multiculturalism and ethnic politics
  • Heritage politics
  • Religion and social differentiation
Dr. LI Kit Man
  • Social theory
  • Moral and political philosophy
  • Cultural studies
  • Modernization and Chinese societies
Dr. LAU Pui Yan Flora 
  • Social network
  • Ethnic minorities and forced migration
  • Labour market and employment
  • Gender 
Dr. GAO Chong
  • Economic sociology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economic reform in South China
  • Food and society 
Dr. LI Hang 
  • Environmental sociology
  • Social movements
  • Youth studies
  • Drug abuse
Dr. HO Yuk Ying Irene 
  • Hermeneutic research
  • Religion
  • Modernity in Chinese society
  • Meta-theory and social work practice 
Dr. LIU Shuo
  • Social stratification in China
  • Urban sociology
  • Economic sociology
  • Consumptions
Dr. LAM Gigi 
  • Demography
  • Marriage
  • Fertility
  • Population policy
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