General Information
The MPhil/PhD programmes provide students with rigorous interdisciplinary training and guidance to conduct research on a specific topic of their interest.  Both programmes require the satisfactory completion of coursework and a thesis. 
The MPhil programme prepares students for the pursuit of a PhD or a professional career in social service, management or related fields.  The PhD programme equips students with advanced academic and research training that prepares them for an academic or research career. 
Programme Highlights:
  • Chinese Societies with a comparative perspective
  • Rigorous academic training with an interdisciplinary approach nature covering Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural and Heritage Studies, and Criminology
  • Multiple research methods to conduct research with community impact and policy implications
  • Close supervisor-student relationship, interactive teaching environment 
The MPhil applicant should:
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in Sociology or Anthropology or a relevant field  
The PhD applicant should:
  • Possess a master’s degree in Sociology or Anthropology or a relevant field 
Prof. CHAN Ching Selina
  • Family, Kinship and Lineage
  • Colonialism and Identities
  • Religion and Tourism
  • Cultural Heritage and Collective Memories 
Prof. CHEUNG Siu Keung 
  • Hong Kong Studies
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Community Studies
  • Minority Politics
Prof. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah
  • Medical Sociology
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Social Problems
  • Drug Abuse and Drug Policy
Dr. GAO Chong
  • Economic Sociology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economic Reform in South China
  • Food and Society 
Dr. HUANG Weishan
  • Social and Religious Movements
  • Ethnicity and Migration
  • Urban Gentrification and Social Capitals
  • Religion and Globalization
Dr. HUI Yew-Foong
  • Chinese Diaspora and Migration
  • Multiculturalism and Ethnic Politics
  • Heritage Politics
  • Religion and Social Differentiation
Dr. LAM, Gigi
  • Marriage and Fertility
  • Mortality
  • Population Policy
  • Mental Health Policy
Dr. LAU Pui Yan Flora 
  • Social Network
  • Ethnic Minorities and Forced Migration
  • Labour Market and Employment
  • Gender 
Dr. LI Hang
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Social Movements
  • Youth Studies
  • Drug Abuse
Dr. LIU Shuo
  • Social Stratification in China
  • Urban Sociology
  • Economic Sociology
  • Consumptions
Dr. Mak Sau-Wa Veronica
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Food
  • Media and Consumption
  • Family and Childhood
Dr. MAN Pui-Kwan
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Social Problems
  • Entrepreneurship
Dr. NG, Ni Na Camellia
  • Chinese Art History
  • Collecting and Collection
  • Cross-culture Studies
  • Museum Studies
Dr. TSANG Chung-Kin
  • Cultural Sociology
  • Housing Studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Popular Culture and Media Studies
Dr. XIE Jieyi
  • Critical Heritage Studies
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Chinese Anthropology
  • Collective Memories

Online Application

Click here to access the online application.

1. Please prepare the following supporting documents for upload in order to complete your application form:
     - A recent, color, passport-size photo (i.e., approximately 40mm (Width) x 50 mm (Height) and show full frontal face with clear facial features.)
     - A copy of your HKID Card or other identification document
     - Copies of certificates of academic/professional qualifications
     - A research proposal
     - A sample of writings (except MPhil / PhD in Psychology)
2. Applicants are required to pay an application fee of HK$200 by Credit Card (Visa or Master card) via the online payment system (a link will be sent to your email once the application form is submitted).
3. Official transcripts of your undergraduate and postgraduate studies should be directly sent to the Graduate School in a sealed envelope from the issuing universities.
4. Confidential recommendations from each of your two academic referees should be sealed by the referees and posted directly to the University within 2 weeks from the date of submission of your application.
5. An official score report of IELTS on English proficiency should be directly sent by examination bodies.
6. Applicants from the Mainland have to register for online authentication from the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) to verify their bachelor degree.
7. Incomplete application will NOT be considered.
8. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview by email one month after the closing of application.
9. If your application is unsuccessful, the form and all the supporting documents will be destroyed 8 weeks after the application deadline.

Paper Application

Click here to download the application form.

Your completed application should include following documents below:
i. a non-refundable application fee of HK$200 by crossed cheque (for local applicants) or a bank draft of $200 in Hong Kong dollars issued by a bank (for non-local applicants) made payable to “Hong Kong Shue Yan University” /「香港樹仁大學」with your name, identification document no. and contact phone no., written on the back* ;
ii. a completed application form with an affixed photo;
iii. a copy of your HKID card or your identification documents;
iv. copies of certificates of academic/professional qualifications† ;
v. official transcripts of all tertiary level studies directly sent by universities (Copies of transcripts issued by HKSYU are accepted);
vi. an official score report of IELTS on English proficiency directly sent by examination bodies;
vii. a statement of purpose;
viii. a research proposal;
ix. a sample of writing (except MPhil/PhD in Psychology).

Please submit the application and all supporting documents with the programme acronym indicated on the envelope by mail or in person to:

Graduate School,
Hong Kong Shue Yan University,
Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill,
North Point, Hong Kong

*Acknowledgement of receipt will be issued by post two weeks after your application is received. Returned cheque will be regarded as an incomplete application.
†Applicants from the Mainland have to register for online authentication from the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) to verify their bachelor degree.

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