General Information
The MPhil/PhD Programme in English is designed to provide vigorous training in literary and critical cultural theories and solid foundation in Anglo-American Literature as well as cultural texts. The MPhil/PhD Programme aims at producing scholars who are articulated in theoretical discussions, highly original in their approach to cultural texts, and specialized in a chosen area and yet have exposure to the broader picture of literary and cultural studies. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged. 
Unique features of the Programme: We put a special emphasis on Interdisciplinary Studies and welcome thesis that deals with intersections of areas including but not limited to: literary texts, cultural texts, philosophy, technoscience, environmental ethics, gender and feminism, etc. 


The applicants should:

  • Possess a bachelor or a master degree in relevant disciplines; and
  • Have excellent command of spoken and written English (preferably IELTS overall results 7.5 or above). 
Prof. WONG Kin Yuen
  • Interdisciplinary & Intercultural Studies
  • Technoscience Culture
  • Ecology and Environmental Ethics
  • Science Fiction Studies
  • Anglo-American Literature
  • Deleuzian Studies 
Prof. Peter STOREY
  • Language Programme Evaluation
  • Language Testing
  • English Language Teaching Methodology
  • Corpus-based Data-driven Learning
  • Corpus Stylistics
Dr. CHAN Kit Sze Amy
  • Interdisciplinary & Intercultural Studies
  • Technoscience Culture
  • Gender Studies
  • Feminism
  • Literary Studies
Dr. Rebekah BALE
  • Shakespearean Studies
Dr. YAM P. S. Josephine
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Sociolinguistics 
Dr. LEE Sherman 
  • Language Contact and Multilingualism
  • Discourse Analysis 
  • Sociolinguistics and Language Variation
  • English for Academic Purposes 
Dr. LIU Jianwen Kacey
  • Translation Criticism
  • Gender–based Translation Studies
  • Study of Translation History from Gender Perspectives
  • Gender Studies
Dr. LAM Yeeman
  • Environmental Ethics and Culture
  • Ecocriticism 
Dr. Stephen WENINGER
  • Literature and Visual Culture
  • Literature and Music
  • Literature and Architecture


Head of Department: Prof. Peter STOREY
Programme Specific Enquiry:
Tel: (852) 2806 7307
Fax: (852) 2806 8044
Email Adress: