General Information
Unique features of the Programme
The programme encourages interdisciplinary research approaches. It provides training in Classical Chinese Literature, Classical literary theories, Chinese linguistics and philosophical thought, etc. The programme aims to foster critical thinking, research capability, multi-dimensional thinking as well as creativity in knowledge-making. 
  • 擁有相關領域的學士或碩士學位
  • 良好的說、寫中文能力
  • Possess a bachelor or a master degree in relevant disciplines; and
  • Have excellent command of spoken and written Chinese. 


Prof. HO Cheung Wing 

  • 古典詩歌 Classical Chinese Poems
  • 詞 Ci
  • 《詩經》Shi Jing
  • 《楚辭》Chu Ci
  • 賦 Fu
  • 駢文 Pian Wen


Prof. FU Cheng zhou  

  • 中國古代小說 Classical Novels of China
  • 宋元明清文學 Literature of the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties 


Prof. CHEN Yun Feng 

  • 中國古代文學理論 Chinese Classical Literary Theory
  • 《文心雕龍Wen Xin Diao Long
  • 唐代文學 Literature of the Tang Dynasty 


Prof. YANG Ruowei 

  • 應用語言學 Applied Linguistics
  • 社會語言學 Sociolinguistics
  • 漢語作為二語教學 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
  • 漢語語言學 Chinese Linguistics
  • 中國語文教育 Chinese Language Education
  • 中古漢語演變 Development of Chinese Language (after Tang)
  • 北方民族歷史、語言及文化 History and culture of Khitan and Jurchen


Dr. WONG Kwan Leung 

  • 戰國出土文獻 Unearthed Manuscripts in the Warring State Period 
  • 先秦、兩漢思想、文化 Thoughts and Culture in the Pre-Qin Period and the Han Dynasty
  • 先秦儒學 Confucianism in the Pre-Qin Period
  • 情感研究 Emotion Study
  • 中國古典小說 Classical Novels of China


Dr. CHOW Kwok Leung 

  • 宋明理學 Confucian Philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties
  • 當代新儒學 Contemporary Neo – Confucianism
  • 《易經》Yi Jing
  • 詮釋學 Hermeneutics
  • 符號學 Semiotics
  • 敘事學 Narratology
  • 結構主義及解構主義 Structuralism & Deconstruction 


Dr. SUEN Hoi Yan 

  • 先秦兩漢散文 Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties Prose
  • 《文心雕龍》神理思想 The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons in “SHEN LI” Ideology
  • 唐宋詩論 Commentary on Tang and Song poetry
  • 清代小說戲劇批評 Commentary on Qing Dynasty fiction and drama 


Dr. WONG Ka Ki

  • 香港文學 Hong Kong Literature
  • 現當代中文文學 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • 中國現當代女性文學  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Women’s Literature
  • 二十世紀西方文學理論 Western Literary Theory in the Twentieth Century
  • 報刊研究 Periodicals Study


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