General Information
Committed to promoting innovative research and preparing students for historical professional career, the graduate programme in history offers interdisciplinary training with a strong focus on Hong Kong history and modern China. The core fields draw on the expertise of substantial segments of the faculty and provide significant opportunities for innovative graduate learning. The small-size and flexibility of our seminars also offer bountiful chances of one-to-one consultation with supervisor. Meanwhile, the Department of History is active in organizing public lectures, conference and other academic activities. All these facilitate admitted students to develop their own creative, self-tailored programmes of graduate study. 
The MPhil/PhD programmes in History provide:
  • In-depth training in Chinese culture and history with a congenial campus atmosphere;
  • Analytical framework on modern China with emphasis on its external relations in culture and economic.
  • Thorough knowledge in Hong Kong history. 


  • Possess a bachelor or a master degree in relevant disciplines; and
  • Have substantial training in Chinese history. 
Prof. WEI Chuxiong
  • Modern Chinese Intellectual History
  • Modern Chinese Foreign Relations
  • American History
  • US Foreign Policy
  • Modern World History
  • Sino-Japanese Relations
  • Sino-American Relations
  • Gender Studies
  • Asian Studies
Prof. MO Shixiang 
  • History of Modern and Contemporary China
  • The History of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
Dr. LO Wing Sang
  • Medieval China
  • History of Chinese Political Institutions
  • Cultural Contact between Chinese and Non-Chinese Civilization
  • Silk Road Studies 
Dr. AU Chi Kin 
  • Modern Chinese Intellectual History
  • History of Hong Kong since 1949 
Dr. CHAU Chi Fung
  • Urban History of Modern China
  • History of Hong Kong
  • Economic History of China 
Dr. PANG Suk Man, Agnes
  • History of Christianity in China
  • History of Modern China
  • History of Hong Kong
  • History of Modern Asia 


Head of Department: Prof. WEI Choxiong
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Fax: (852) 2806 8044
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