Step 1 Apply for Student Visa (For Non-local Student ONLY)
  1. Complete and submit the Form ID995A
  2. Submit the form together with the supporting documents and HKD 400 visa application fee as soon as you have accepted the admission offer
  3. Please send all the application material as requested to
Step 2
Confirm the admission offer
  1. Submit the admission offer letter;
  2. Together with 1st term tuition fee; and
  3. HKD 500 School deposit; and 
  4. Other supporting documents as required (if any)
*All the payment should be made by cross-cheque or bank cheque payable to "Hong Kong Shue Yan University"
*All the materials should be submitted by post or in person to:
Admission Coordinator
Graduate School
6 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Step 3 Receive the Student Identity
  1. After completion of registration. Student will receive the student identity card.
  2. Use SID number to activate the student accounts
Step 4 Attend the Orientation activities
  • Orientation activity will be conducted to welcome new students
  • More details concering your study will be announced during the orientation seminar